"I just made 2 contracts for new staff members It was thorough and easy to use, my payroll person normally does them for me, I have always felt guilty when I need changes or reviews done. It is great now I can do them myself via the Staff Contract Builder on the BII website."

Tracy Bird, MBII

The Ship

"I've been a proud BII member now for nearly 15 years, I've always found their support services highly helpful, efficient & the membership itself hugely great value for money.
During the pandemic the BII's response to the challenges we faced were not only timely & reactive but helpful & reassuring."

Sam Hagger, FBII

The Beautiful Pubs Collective

"I always had full intention of joining fully but had to wait until my business built up a little to support the outgoings.
I have only been able to access certain areas of the website until yesterday and the support I saw yesterday is amazing and I know it will be very useful."

Vanda Wright, MBII 

Tea & Tequila

"Just to say thank you for all your help and support you have given us during the past year.
All the topics and advice we received via email were informative and supportive, as a new business, such support and help were very much needed especially during the current harsh and challenging conditions! I look forward to your continued support for the coming year."

Marcos Cefein, MBII

Kings Arm Hotel

"I used my BII membership to gain massive savings on my pub insurance. Barclays Business were quoting the yearly renewal sum of £3700, & the BII partner came in at £769, nearly £3K saving!!
I passed on my good fortune to a colleague & fellow member of BII & he enjoyed similar savings. Thank you BII. In a year of National industry hardship this was a massive saving and huge financial help."

Ronan McLister, MBII

Green Dragon

"I have always valued my BII membership.
It has been a useful source of information and put me in the right direction to reduce my business rates to zero! Good to know that all that professional expertise was just a phone call away!"

Kathryn Barnes, FBII

The White Swan

"The BII provide the pub sector with fantastic support. They understand their people, needs and areas to assist. There is a wealth of knowledge, experience and power within the organisation which adds value to their members.
The entire team work incredibly hard and are passionate and committed to the industry they love. This shines through from the amazing events they organise. Keep up the great work!"

Mark Holden, FBII

Inn Cornwall

"I find it valuable to be a member of BII. Firstly we are fortunate to have acquired a good reputation among our customers and those of other dance clubs, and reading BII News is an excellent way to keep up to date with current trends - things like no- and low-alcohol suggestions, new bar snacks, popular spirits and so on.
The success of our bar (like most others, I expect) is chiefly down to our wonderful and enthusiastic team of helpers, and BII has shown me how to provide them with the right kind of knowledge and also how to encourage their own ideas and creativity."

Diana Syrat, FBII

Social Dancing Club

"I would like to thank all the team at the BII for their help. The cost of my membership has paid for itself time and time again. When I have called the legal help line ,the longest I have waited was 20 minutes. Their knowledge and resources are quite simply second to none.
They have assisted me on a number of occasions and have always been friendly and not in a rush to end the call. Being a sole trader ,you can struggle to keep up to date with all legislation as you do not have the back up of a large companies HR Department. But if you join the BII you are simply a phone call away from help when you need it."

Diane Heggadon, FBII

Crediton Inn