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In praise of the pub! Alcohol no longer the top reason for heading to the local, as Brits adapt drinking habits

  • 2 out of 3 Brits feel it is normal to head to the pub and not drink alcohol
  •  75% of those surveyed see the pub as key to the community
  •  Half (50%) want to support their local even when they’re not drinking

New research from the UK’s #1 dedicated alcohol-free beer brand, Lucky Saint, has highlighted the changing habits of alcohol consumption in the UK, finding that drinking alcohol placed fourth in the top 10 reasons as to why Brits go to the pub.

Almost half of respondents cited that spending time with friends and family is their top reason to visit (43%), followed by having a good meal (34%) and enjoying the atmosphere coming in third (28%). The results highlight the increased importance of pubs within communities as hubs for social connection.

The research highlights the shift in attitudes towards alcohol-free, finding that nearly 2 out of 3 Brits (62%) feel comfortable to go to the pub and not drink alcohol. Of which, there was a notable difference between men (56%) and women (69%).

It comes as the latest sector data showcases the continued growth of the alcohol-free category; Kantar have reported the volume of non-alcoholic beverages has risen 42% in the past five years, and a recent YouGov poll found that 75% of UK drinkers have tried no and low products.

As the pub prevails as a treasured British institution, with 3 out of 4 Brits seeing the pub as key to their community (74%), January can be a notoriously quiet month in hospitality, as people look to focus on their health, by cutting down on drinking or going dry entirely.

Often it’s the pub that suffers, but Lucky Saint’s new research shows that half of Brits surveyed want to support their local even when they’re not drinking (50%).

In response, Lucky Saint has launched the campaign ‘Thou Shalt Go To The Pub’, which encourages people to visit their local pub in January. In partnership with Mitchell & Butlers, the non-alcoholic beer brand will be giving away 10,000 free pints from now until 31st January, in all participating venues (see map)

With the rise of great tasting alcohol-free options – and with 1 in 3 pub visits in the UK now alcohol -free – Lucky Saint believes Dry January doesn’t have to be a quiet month for hospitality. Speaking on the research findings, Luke Boase, founder of Lucky Saint, said:

“We’re seeing a rapid cultural shift in attitudes towards alcohol and acceptance of moderating, across all age groups. This idea that you have to apologise for not drinking is fading, with people comfortable to head down to the pub and not drink if they’re choosing to moderate on that occasion.

The findings also further emphasise what the pub represents for people across the UK; a place to socialise and connect with your loved ones. You can’t beat a warm cosy pub, enjoying a pint with friends and family. If you’re doing Dry January or moderating your alcohol consumption, then Lucky Saint on draught is the perfect pint.”

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