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Taking simple steps to make hospitality more inclusive and welcoming for the Deaf Community

CPL Learning launches free online training course 'British Sign Language - Phrases for Hospitality' to support venues and individuals who want to improve the hospitality experience for Deaf people.

‘British Sign Language – Phrases for Hospitality’ has been developed to provide team members with knowledge of British Sign Language (BSL) and the opportunity to learn everyday phrases that will help them form better communication and interaction with guests. It is being launched to coincide with Deaf Awareness Week which, this year, is focusing on inclusion, and comes just a week after the UK Parliament voted to recognise BSL as a language of Great Britain in law. 
The free course provides an understanding of the inequalities Deaf people face and what you can do to help as well as an introduction to BSL and some basic phrases that enable team members to connect with Deaf customers more effectively.  
Launching the course, Jamie Campbell, Director of Learning at CPL Learning, an Access Company explained “Sign language is a beautiful and fun language to learn and initiate, and it contributes to a more inclusive society. This introductory CPL Learning course has been specifically designed to equip hospitality team members with the knowledge and confidence to engage with Deaf guests. It is presented in an informative style and in 10 minutes can help them gain an understanding of the diversity and challenges Deaf people face and introduce basic BSL and simple phrases to improve their experience by making them feel included and welcome.” 
“The importance of BSL in society received heightened public awareness at the end of last year when actress Rose Ayling-Ellis made such an impact as the first Deaf contestant – and champion – of Strictly Come Dancing. Rose is one of an estimated 151,000 people in the UK who use BSL, of which 87,000 are Deaf. Additionally, there are over 12 million adults in the UK who are classified as having moderate hearing loss, or greater, which is equivalent to one in five adults. It is our hope that, with BSL now legally recognised as a language, CPL Learning’s ‘British Sign Language – Phrases for Hospitality’ course will help start opening more doors and actively signpost that hospitality is a welcoming environment for the Deaf community.” 
‘British Sign Language – Phrases for hospitality’ is endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality and for further information or to take the course, head to: 
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