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Olympus Power partner to support BII Sustainability Champion Award

Reducing your energy consumption with trusted partner Olympus Power

Olympus Power is the proud sponsor of the BII’s Sustainability Champion Awards, won by pubs and inns that have gone above and beyond to demonstrate their commitment to running a sustainable business.

The alternative energy company Olympus Power advises on reducing power consumption via voltage optimisation, as well as designing and installing solar systems for larger buildings, land or car parks. 

Matt Farrand Account Manager for Olympus Power has been working with BII members to reduce energy usage and bills, which also reduces carbon emissions for the businesses. 

Matt said “For pubs and inns, our clients have seen great savings using voltage optimisation units that are fitting to an existing energy supply, and reduce the amount of energy used. This can save up to 15% in energy and bills. The hospitality industry tends to have a heavy energy use, with kitchens, lighting and heating.” 

While any size business that uses electricity can benefit from voltage optimisation, there are further options for corporate clients at a larger scale. 

Matt: “When we survey hotels and breweries or the distribution centres and cold storage, then in the current market solar systems are a win. These can be on the roof or ground, or as solar canopies in car parks. We have an expert team that design and fit systems that can supply the majority of power needed for a site, with finance agreements that mean there is no capital expenditure. 

We can offer solar systems via a fully-funded Power Purchase Agreement, and voltage optimisation on a lease basis to give businesses the benefits of low-carbon technology whilst avoiding the need for costs up front.

We offer alternative energy technologies in these ways to make reducing your carbon emissions totally affordable and to avoid the delays with budgeting for the investment.”

Olympus Power systems report the energy and carbon saved helping staff and customers engage with energy-reducing aims, which is one of the four criteria that the BII Award looks for. With one of their systems installed, BII members can show Energy Reduction as well as Customer & Team Engagement. 

Matt offers encouragement to all those going for a Sustainability Champion Award “This is an excellent initiative and a great opportunity to show what your business has been doing to reduce their carbon footprint, and to take a look at what more you could do to reduce emissions and bills. Good luck to everyone entering!”

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