Running your business successfully means having a hold over its day-to-day finances. Our specialist Trusted Partners have offered their expertise in the form of articles and handy tools.


Finance Tools

P&L Template

A step by step template to financial planning for your pub, this document will help you with forecasts, margins and future plans.

Business Planning Document

Whether you're about to take on a pub, or are already running a business, make sure you have a plan to shape your thinking.

Business Rates & Revaluation Guide 23/24 

We have created an easy guide to understanding the business rate revaluation and extended relief scheme.

Boost your Business Checklist

Want to breathe some new life into your business? These practical ideas and tips will give you the inspiration you need.

National Living and Minimum Wage

The Government has announced changes to the rates of National Living Wage and Minimum Wage, coming into force April 1st 2023.

Licensed Trade Charity & Nudge Financial App

The Nudge web app can help you manage your money so that you achieve your goals whatever those may be. It’s free so give it a try. Click here to find out more.


More Finance Help

Blank Bar Tariff

A quick bar tariff for you to complete and display to comply with legal requirements. Make sure you insert your key product lines with the correct ABVs & prices.
This is a downloadable document

Stock Control Workbook

This workbook has been designed to help you keep track of key information that you will need for effective stock taking in your business.
This is a downloadable document

Dealing with Shrinkage and Waste

Shrinkage is defined as the loss of revenue from wastage, over-portioning, over-pouring, spillage, serving mistakes, line cleaning, write offs and theft.

Improving your Food GP

Chris Edwards, CEO of Trusted Partners Menu Fresh (of IDC) have provided an in-depth blog regarding food GP and how to improve it. 


GP Calculators

Click the links below to download the calculators you need.