BII Energy Bill Relief Scheme Guide

We have put together a guide on the new Energy Bill Relief Scheme announced by the Government on 1st October 2022. The guide gives bitesize information on the Eligibility, price caps, how to get the reduction and more.

If you have any more questions regarding the EBRS or anything else, please do contact the BII Team at 01276 684449, or email [email protected]

Ofgem letter to non-domestic suppliers

Ofgem has written to all non-domestic suppliers to highlight concerning reports about challenges being faced by non-domestic customers. It will seek a response from non-domestic suppliers to these issues, and will use this, along with input it has received about customer concerns, to inform and refine the next steps.

Government - Energy Bill Relief Scheme

Click here to view the full information from the Government regarding the Energy Bill Relief Scheme

EBRS: Discounts for fixed, default and variable contracts

To understand the level of discount you will receive under the EBRS, you will need to know the wholesale price for your energy on the day you signed your contract. You can find all prices listed here, but also please refer to our guide above for how to calculate your discount.

BII Energy Saving Guide

Our team have put together a simple guide on tips and information to help you save on energy wherever possible.