STARSTOCK is changing the status quo.

StarStock is a platform that enables licensees to order DIRECTLY from all major drinks brands in the UK,  therefore maximising their margins and taking control of costs and supplier relationships.   

In partnership with GXO logistics we have created an innovative way of plugging into a centralised brand stock pool, which enables licensees to order all their favourite brands directly from the businesses that manufacture them.  Think ‘Amazon’ but for the licensed trade. This innovative solution will create a much more transparent marketplace that gives value back to the licensee from an unmodernised supply route.

Our vision is for an open & transparent marketplace for the ontrade where licensees can thrive not just survive, and for brands to continue their growth by transacting directly with the outlet.

* Only available to current BII Members. Both offers can not be applied.

*Only available to brand new members. Both offers will not apply once signed up with the BII.


GREAT PRICING: Across the basket
PROMOTIONAL SUPPORT: Direct from brands
CREDIT: 14 days as standard
CONVENIENCE: 24/7 ordering and national deliveries
RANGE: All mainstream products plus local cask brewers and distillers (on request)

Sam Ulph

CEO of StarStock

"StarStock is putting licensees first and supporting them in a time of need having come out of the most challenging 18 months the industry has ever seen"

Phil Newton

MD of StarStock

"StarStock’s aim is to create a licensee community, a place for businesses to use their buying strength to pull together.  A place for pubs, clubs, bars, hotels and restaurants to work together and deal directly with the Brands that they love and that support them"


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