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Only A Pavement Away and KAM launch survey

Hospitality charity, Only A Pavement Away connects employers in the hospitality industry and charities working with people facing homelessness, prison leavers and veterans, to help them achieve stability through employment in the hospitality industry, and thereby end their homelessness. The charity also facilitates training and development programmes and offer additional financial support to those who need it to overcome any barriers to employment.
Only A Pavement Away is delighted to have partnered with KAM, and independent research agency, to conduct a study on how the charity can better understand the attitudes and perceptions of hospitality operators towards the charity’s employment programme.
The purpose of this research project is to provide a wider and deeper understanding of the attitudes and perceptions towards homelessness in the hospitality sector and, more specifically, how these attitudes and perceptions may impact the decision to recruit someone who is facing homelessness into their business.
The following link is to a short survey, that should take around 5 minutes to complete. We would kindly ask if you could take the time to complete it as open and honestly as you can. Rest assured that all data is captured anonymously and only a blended average of all results will be seen and used by Only A Pavement Away.

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