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Pubs are key to growth in every community and Government support is critical to safeguard their futures

Following the new Chancellor’s announcement earlier today, the CEO of the British Institute of Innkeeping (BII), Steve Alton, has written to him, calling for the essential support that will be needed for pubs across the UK to enable them to survive the unprecedented trading challenges they are currently facing.

Steve Alton commented:

“Whilst we recognise that Government is seeking to restore stability and confidence after months of turmoil, our members are facing immediate threats to their survival. They need meaningful support, to allow them to plan their recovery and be part of the growth that the Chancellor has stated is at the centre of Government’s plans.

“We have consistently made the case to Ministers and officials in Government that our fragile sector can be at the heart of recovery through growth, but with the pandemic specific debts, waning consumer confidence and escalating cost of doing business, as well as the energy crisis, they will need targeted and immediate support to reach their full potential.

“Without it, we will see huge business failure, meaning lost income to treasury in tax and existing debt repayments, as well as lost employment and supply chain revenue on a local and national level. Most importantly, we stand to lose the social hubs of our communities across the UK at a time when people need to come together more than ever.

“Supporting pubs and wider hospitality is an investment in our villages, towns and high streets, and is one that will repaid in economic growth, employment and vital social connection, but this support, in the form of a reduced rate of VAT and cancellation of Business Rates for 23/24, is now of the utmost urgency.

“We are calling on everyone who loves the pub to get involved with our #notjustapub campaign and write to their MPs, asking for their support for our brilliant, vibrant and essential pubs at the heart of their communities.”

Read the letter to the Chancellor here.

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